Producing events in Israel

An event celebrated in Israel is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere,the scenery, the historical sites, the Jewish holy places,and most of all the feeling you’re home-together,they offer a spectrum of opportunities for a celebration that will be warm and exciting, to your guests and to yourself. A unique occasion never to be forgotten

Producing events in Israel

Imagine a wedding where the bridal canopy is on a platform atop Massada, followed by a descent into the desert for an authentic Bedouin- style dance party with tents and dancing girls. Or a bar mitzva at the Western Wall with klezmer musicians and with a banquet facing the city walls of Old Jerusalem

Your event can impart the flavor of New York street party,at a boutique venue in Tel Aviv or at the marina of seaside Herzliya. magination can be endless.In Israel "Eron Events Productions-producing events that are winners" specializes in planning, organizing,and running events for private clients

We bring seniority of nearly 30 years in the field of events. Our decades of service and our many, many wins in event production have furnished us with the highest level of experience and professional ability for the benefit of clients like you. Our clientele receives the benefits of comprehensive service covering all the production needs,accompanied by full attention to every one of your requirements and requests, and with an eye for the small details. It’s all directed toward one objective- that as we usher you toward the day of the event,you will feel complete confidence, exert minimum effort,and experience maximum peace of mind,followed by full satisfaction with the preparations and with the event itself. The staff and management of  "Eron Events Productions" have logged much success and praise

Our reputation over the years testifies to innovation,creativity,flexibility, exceptional cooperation with clients,and above all else professionalism that shows through in the planning and careful implementation of each element, major or minor

Our comprehensive method of work is suited to cooperation with clients outside Israel, who receive from us full service from their moment of arrival in Israel up to their departure transportation throughout Israel in top-model cars room and board in hotels around Israel a team of guides, security personnel, and others supporting you throughout your stay in Israel tours and trips with many attractions to appreciate all over the country preparation of parties and cocktail gatherings for the guests before the event "Producing events that are winners" is not just a slogan. That motto is the foundation supporting our work,and it is the personal commitment of each and every team member at "Eron Events Productions"s

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